• 1st Prize and Gold prize in Traditional Japanese Music Competition, Solo Section, (Japan);
  • Awarded Testimonial letter from Consulate-General in USA and President of Tahiti (USA / Tahiti);
  • Obtained Shakuhachi Master License ”Sihan” from the Association of Tozan-Ryu Association;
  • Graduated from Japanese Music Department of Toho Gakuen College of Music and Drama, Tokyo, etc.


  • Performance in Tokyo, attended by First Lady of the USA and First Lady of the Japan;
  • Performance in the City University of New York and Washington DC USA;
  • Performance at Oxford University UK;
  • Performance in Vatican and Rome Italy, official cooperation by Vatican government, Holy See;
  • Performance for G20 Summit Holding commemoration concert;
  • Appear in Berlin International Film Festival Winning a prize “fukushima mon amour”;
  • Performance with 50 persons Orchestra in the Europe;
  • Performance in the Dubai UAE, attended by Ministry of Education of Dubai Emirate;
  • Performance at the Ambassador’s residence in Sweden organized by Embassy of Japan in Sweden;
  • Invited and Performed in Paris, Australia, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Finland, NZ, and more than 50 countries, etc.